The fortress

All around.
Too high to climb.
Too deep to dig under.
Sealed off.
There are no doors.
No windows.
A perfect safe place.
A perfect prison.
I lived here for so long.
Protected from everything around me.
Nothing could get to me.
Until one day.
You stood in front of me.
In my prison.
With no way in.
You managed to appear.
You stayed.
You made my prison a home.
This prison, which should keep everything out.
Finally feels right, since you came.
From within these walls, where i kept everything out.
I now ask you to stay.

The last moment

This moment.
When everything collapse.
Falls down on you.
Everything you built up.
Everything you wished.
Everything you hoped for.
Everything you ruined.
Everything rebels.
And comes down on you.

This one moment is the key.
The key to everything.
This one moment is memory.
Memories for all that happened.
Then you let go.
For the first time.
For the last time.
Finally the day has come,
for the last moment.
– sanados

time to move on

So I tell myself to move on.
I have to move on.
There is no use in running in circles.
For all those years just circling.
So I tell myself to move on.
Thinking back to those days.
Lucky moments.
Time of joy.
Long past.
So I tell myself to move on.
Ban all this dreams.
Let go of the hopes that are left.
Stop imaging what could have happened.
Stop imaging what could be.
So I tell myself to move on.
Drop everything that has any worth to me.
Finally start a life for my own.
Start a life with my own.
It is time to move on.

– sanados