The melody

The silent flow.
Those subtle movements of my fingers.
Almost in a rhythm.
This is when I am writing.
My fingers rush over the keyword.
Forming letters into words.
Arranging words to sentences.
Harmony in itself.
I can nearly hear the melody in my head.
Played by my fingers, whilst floating over the letters.
When I then close my eyes.
This melody goes on.
As my fingers don’t stop moving.
Faster, more energetic.
Freezing in a moment of silent thought.
Unrecognisable when the melody started.
But never to stop again.
– sanados

Journey in your head

Listening to the waves on the beach
is like beginning a journey in your head.
Close your eyes and you get carried away.
To places you are eager to go.
Sometimes right back home.
Sometimes to find yourself
at the very same place
where you just closed your eyes.
– sanados