Before you …

Before you release your arrow,
do not think about what you are doing.
Learn to wait.
Be free of yourself.
Leave behind who you are and all that you possess,
so that all that remains of you is pure tension,
without any goal.
Look at the bamboo leaf as under the weight of the snow
it bends further and further down.
The snow falls suddenly from it without the leaf having moved.
Be like the leaf.
Until the tension is maximum,
and the arrow is released,
because when the tension is maximum,
the arrow MUST leave ;
your shot must leave you just as the snow leaves the bamboo leaf “.
There is no better description of pure action and the state of mind it requires.
– one of the last grand masters of Kyudo

– Suzuki

Early but late

We arrived early.
Just minutes passed since we got that call.
A man was standing at the entrance.
It seems that he was waiting to show us in.
I bet he did not think we arrive that soon.
He hasn’t recognized us yet.
Once again we sounded the martin’s horn
and entered the driveway.
Jumping out of the ambulance car
everyone of us grabbed a bag.
We managed to pass the distance to the man in just some seconds.
Already with tons of questions about what happened as we approached him.
Then we came to a halt and calmed down.
We didn’t need to hurry that much.
Minutes passed as we just stood there.
He was not waiting for us.
Not waiting for anything anymore.
We could hardly see the spear through his chest that was keeping him upright.
– sanados


Water all around me.
Makes me feeling free.
It is the element I belong in.
Born to be swimming.
There I manage to relax.
All my motions are just reflex.
Feel the liquid on my skin.
Makes me want to sink in.
Floating on the surface.
Living in a slow pace.
All this might.
It is the greatest delight.
– sanados