You know?

It is hard sometimes.
Sitting there and hardly being able to breath
because my chest is so heavy.
Feeling a firm grasp around my heart
making me feeling uneasy.
I am used to it for several years by now.
It seems like it has always been this way.
It seems like it has to be this way.
I wonder how it felt before.
Was i ever feeling easy.
But this burden is something i have to bear.
This is something i decided long ago.
And I will carry it to the very end.
– sanados

Journey in your head

Listening to the waves on the beach
is like beginning a journey in your head.
Close your eyes and you get carried away.
To places you are eager to go.
Sometimes right back home.
Sometimes to find yourself
at the very same place
where you just closed your eyes.
– sanados