The fortress

All around.
Too high to climb.
Too deep to dig under.
Sealed off.
There are no doors.
No windows.
A perfect safe place.
A perfect prison.
I lived here for so long.
Protected from everything around me.
Nothing could get to me.
Until one day.
You stood in front of me.
In my prison.
With no way in.
You managed to appear.
You stayed.
You made my prison a home.
This prison, which should keep everything out.
Finally feels right, since you came.
From within these walls, where i kept everything out.
I now ask you to stay.

Pen and paper

Thank god I got pen and paper.
If I would say out loud what I think
some people would kill me.
If I would whisper the feelings i have
even my friends would turn their backs on me.
If I would do what I want to
the police would put me in jail forever.
If I would show what the world means to me
the doctors would lock me away.
So I write all those things down.
On this all patient paper.
With this emotionless pen.
Just to lock those sheets away.
Far away from myself.
All what I am.
Put away in that safe place.
Where even I can’t reach it.
Gone for good.
So that I can walk straight out of the front door.
See all the things I just wrote about.
And still being able to smile.
– sanados